David Allin Reese


Let’s share a moment together. Right now, I’m a design lead on the Material Design team at Google. I focus on the magic of large-scale design systems and create experiences that help designers and developers build beautiful products.

A deep fascination in speculative design surrounds my interests in design systems, user-interface design, brand, illustration, and product development. I work in the future, and try to balance the fanastical with the practical to influence the final product.

As someone who contributes to writing the rulebook that is design guidelines, I pride myself on breaking the habitual in an effort to shape new paradigms, even if they are just my own daydreams. I currently live on a big hill in San Francisco with my canary, and we would love to hear how you are doing. Don’t be afraid to reach out, it’s important that you do. Please check out my resume too.

Selected work

It should be noted that the because of the speculative, and often internal, nature of my work, the projects listed here are a small subset that I can publicly share. Please reach out if you wanna speak deeply about these things.

Google Material Design System

Expressing Google's digital soul

This Is What Is In

A mutating newsletter


Making the home of Material Design more helpful

A Material Button Is More Than a Button

A button is the new logo

Material Theme Builder

Visualize and share a Material Theme

The Fortnightly

A forkable example news app